Saturday, December 5, 2009

"Souk El-Sayarat" Cars Market in Egypt

If you are looking for a good deal on a used car or are looking to get a good price selling your own automobile, Souk El-Sayarat (the cars’ market) is your destination.

Souk El-Sayarat is where people in the know go to buy and sell cars or simply check the latest offerings in the used car market. It is the place to find almost every car model and make popular or unpopular, luxury or economy, coupe or sedan, in all different colors and fit for every price range.

"I prefer coming to Souk El-Sayarat because there is a wide variety of choices," said Hussein Mohamed who was looking to buy a car. "Here, I can see and examine the cars myself rather than reading about it in classified ads," he added.

Located on the outer edge of Nasr City in the Tenth District, the popular car market is one of the town’s modern-day landmarks. The wide parking lot covers more than 20 acres teeming with around 20,000 cars and their owners from around the country.
Once you enter Zaker Hamdy Street with your car, brokers will surround you asking you to name your price. Some will even shout out a price at you even if you are just passing by.

Usually, some car owners put their cars outside the market area if there is no room inside or if they don't want to pay the LE 10 ticket. While you may find good deals outside, the real fun begins when you enter the market itself.

Practice your negotiating skills before you arrive though, and don’t shy away from driving a hard bargain. Prices are anything but fixed.

Here’s a useful tip: Look for cars surrounded by brokers, seek out the owner and seal the deal. Usually the car is a catch.

Another tip: avoid brokers. Usually, the brokers are unemployed men who come from other governorates to make commission off any sale they can make, which means they push up the price. They are not to be trusted, plus they don't have any kind of license. It is best to deal directly with the car owner.

Once you find the car at the price you want, take it to the nearest car service station with the owner to make sure its mechanics are in order.

The market was the source of numerous complaints from residents in the surrounding buildings because of the noise and crowd it brings. This led the Cairo governorate to issue an official decision to close the market. However, it is still held every Sunday and Friday.

At Souk El-Sayarat, you will find people offering to wash your car, sell you water, hot and cold drinks or koshary as well as car parts and accessories.

Two final words of advice: Don't try to double park your car outside the market because there are traffic police everywhere ready to fine you.

Secondly, take precautions to protect yourself from the sweltering summer sun like an umbrella

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